Big Changes

Hey Gang.

There will be no review today. Instead I wanted to offer an update on what has been going on with the site, how I feel about the direction of things, and where I am planing on taking them. As many of you know, I have not been satisfied with the quality of my work and have taken the last couple of weeks to really look at how to improve it.

While working with my editor, Jesse Roberts, has been vital in helping me set a bar for myself, I have been generally displeased with how much time I have to devote to each review. As gamers, you understand that it is hard to fully play and appreciate two games a week, and really find time to articulate your thoughts on them.

So, starting this week there will be some major changes with the content of this site. We will be going down to one review a week, that shall be released on Friday. I am excited to say that Monday will still have content in the form of interviews, industry commentary, and the occasional guest reviewer from another trusted site. In the weeks to come, with the additional time granted from this change up, I will be looking to branch out in to companion videos on various subject matters – and possibly Streaming and Let’s Plays.

To my valued Patrons who have been sponsoring me on my Patreon site I understand that this is a departure from the content you were expecting. If any of you have complaints, concerns or other issues – do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

There is some great stuff on the way for the site and I am still new to this wild world. I hope you will all continue to follow along this adventure.

Thanks so much for everything so far.

-Josh Smith (aka Old Man Mordaith)

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