Animaritime 2017

Hey folks!

It has been a pretty exhausting few days for this ol’ sack of bones. I went to my first convention in a few years – and may have caught me some Con-Crud in the process. So rather than the regular old video game news, I am going to share with you a few pictures of some of the great Cosplay from the convention!

There were many amazing cosplayers and everyone was so friendly. If you are ever in my neck of the woods, I highly recommend dropping by Animaritime – if your timing works out.

So – lite on content, but some great pictures. I had a fantastic time at the convention, made some new friends and some new contacts for future work. So it all went well. I only really took pictures of series or properties that I was specifically a fan of – so this may offer a horrible peel back of my particular likes.


I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, and come next Friday I am hoping to have some exciting news about the direction of the site and where I will be going with my writing and reviews.

-Josh Smith aka Old Man Mordaith

All pictures can not be reproduced without permission of both the photographer and the subject.



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