HalCon 2017 – Pictures!

This was my first HalCon in many years and wow! Has this convention grown. When I was first in attendance to this rebirth of a very very old convention, there were a little over 1500ish of us squeezed in to the Lord Nelson Hotel. Seven years later, I think it is fair to say that number has increased six fold. Large venues, bigger names, and a massive crowd.

But you are not here to hear me wax on all nostalgic like – you want the goods! So here are some of my favorite Cosplays that I managed to snag a picture of. All these pictures were taken by me, so I apologize for the lack of professionalism. All these images have been posted with the permission of the subject. Unless you are said subject, do not republish them on another site without my permission.

That said, feel free to contact me if you want your name and details attached to the picture. Also, I am fairly sure I got most of the naming correct – feel free to correct me.

Black Mage – Anyone who took his picture was also asked to sign his Spellbook. I sense trickery.




Mabel from Gravity Falls – I couldn’t NOT take a picture of one of the greatest characters ever.
Captain Harlock is by far one of my favorite anime out there. I was over the moon to see this talented fellow bring my favorite Space Pirate to life.  Check out Oscar on their Instagram.
Was able to catch a rather busy Geralt of Rivia in the lobby of my Hotel. I normally don’t bother cosplayers outside of the convention proper, but I really wanted a picture of him.
I never double checked, but I assumed this Airbender was Avatar Aang.
This fantastic Last Guardian cosplay was very impressive. Trico was a amazingly handled hand made puppet. This duo were one of the most popular pairs at the convention.
I saw several Batmans (Batmen?) but this one grabbed my eye. Again, I failed to ask, but I am sure this was from the awesome Gotham by Gaslight.
Old Ben and a rather fancy dressed friend. There were lots of Steampunk enthusiast, so unless corrected, I will assume she was among them.
From my favorite Miyazaki film Kiki! There maybe another Kiki later on.
That fantastic beloved guy, Cecil, from Welcome to Night Vale.
Always time for a cool refreshing NukaCola – Fresh from the Fallout Universe.
Incarnations of the Spirit of Vengeance come and go, but I still love the look of a more classic Ghost Rider.
As mentioned, another Kiki, wonderful seeing so many people enjoying such a classic.
I had to do a double take on this one, I had never seen a Road to El Dorado cosplay done before. But Tulio and Miguel are looking darn good. Complete with critter companion.
We don’t need a Creation Club to enjoy these fantastic Fallout Cosplays.
These two were amazing. Gandalf and Saruman.
Ever Vigilant for Heresy, This looks like some Warhammer Cosplay to me.
Garrus from Mass Effect remains a fan favorite and this costume for sure did him justice.
Ok, I’ll be honest, I am a bit shaky on this one. It was an amazing costume and looked to me like a take on Duela Dent. Next time I’ll verify these things.
If you haven’t been enjoying the new Voltron series, you need to. Shiro is fantastic character and this Cosplayer is spot on with the look.
I kid you not, when she was walking around, people were wondering if Arya Stark was actually at the convention. (Maisie Williams that is… not like an actual fictional character loose looking for blood)
And by far my favorite. Lucifer – from the same named series from Vertigo. This was damn perfect and he was a fantastic fellow.


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