Long overdue post of Animaritime 2018

Hey gang,

So back in the massive heat that was the summer past, I once again attended Animaritime. It was absolutely fantastic, I met a bunch of great people, and it is a darn shame it has taken me this long to get the few photos I snapped up.

Why it took so long? Combination of a bunch of things, but it mostly boils down to me being still bummed out about some sad events over the summer, that took a bit of time to process. Also, my Twitch streaming had really taken off, and I was getting a bit overwhelmed.

So without all that sad stuff, let us get into the goods and show of some of the Cosplay I loved at the convention. I was still pretty shy about asking people for pictures. There were many cosplayers that I thought were amazing, but I didn’t recognize the characters. I typically only snap pics of characters I know.

I am not a professional photographer, so I apologize they are not super well taken, but I love Cosplay. As usual, I asked permission to post these on time, and if you see yourself in these, want your name attributed to them (and any corresponding social media links) just drop me a line. Also, happy to take them down, on request of the cosplayer or legal guardian.

03_AMT_Dabi_Himiko Toga
Dabi and Hikimo Toga from My Hero Academia
Calamity as The Inquisitor from Dragon Age: Inquisition
Alphones from Full Metal Alchemist
Edward from Full Metal Alchemist
Squriel Girl – the only person that might defeat One Punch Man
Winter Soldier – of Marvel Fame
Slave Leia, Spidey, and Captian America
Spider-Girl and Spider-Gwen
Grunkle Stan and Mable – Gravity Falls (Seriously, watch that show. It is awesome)
01_AMT_Takasugi Shinsuke
Takasugi Shinsuke – Gintama
Ainsworth – The Ancient Magus Bride
King Kamoshida – Persona 5
Tonberry and Black Mage – Mostly from my nightmares of Final Fantasy games
Violet – The Incredibles
This one. Ok. Really. When I was walking to the con I said to my wife “I’d love to see a good cosplay of Blue Snow from Shimoneta, but it won’t happen.” But here we are.

Fantastic year at the con. Can not wait until next year. In one week I’ll be hitting Halcon 2018, and hopefully get loads more pictures.


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