Who is this then?

Old Man Mordaith

Hey! Thanks for popping over to this section to get to know me a bit more. I am a child born in the ass end of the seventies, had a love of computers and video games from an early early age, and (I know I’m not alone here.) I tend to like most animals more than I like most people. I live in the great white north of Canada, but in the east part no one talks about unless they need a charming fisherman character. I am married to the love of my life, who has been putting up with my nonsense for over a decade now.

Also, very likely, a willing thrall to a rabbit overlord.

I’ve got a twitter account where I tend to go on about video games, politics, and animals. Having more to say than a hundred or so characters was restraining so I figured I’d start up my own review site. I am hoping that this will turn in to something much bigger.

Jesse Roberts

Jesse Roberts is a professional Wordologist. Sometimes Old Man Mordaith doesn’t word so good, and it’s Jesse’s job to make sure that Mordaith’s words are gooder.

Please note that Jesse Roberts takes no responsibility for the content of Old Man Mordaith’s reviews, only for their presentation. Any opinion Mordaith expresses are his and his alone, and statistically speaking they’ll be opinions which Jesse probably objects to from the deepest pits of his broken soul.

Jill Davis LeBlanc

The fantastic art done for this page was the product of Jill Davis Leblanc. Please see more of her work over and contact her at davisleblanc.weebly.com